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Fittings & Adapters

Fittings - Reusable, two, four and six wire fittings, garden hose fittings, air hose fittings, Chicago fittings, AN fittings and push-on fittings. Adapters - Flat face, JIC (Joint Industrial Council), S.A.E. (Society of Auto Engines) adapters, brass, SAE brass, threaded pipe, British, German, Din, boss, metric, and compression adapters – all in stock. Stainless steel available by special order.

Brass and stainless steel hose fittings, two, four and six wire fittings, garden hose fitting, air hose fitting, AN fittings and adapters including a flat face adapter, JIC adapter, SAE adapter, two threaded pipe adapters, a British, German, Din and metric adapter and two compression adapters are shown here.
These stainless steel adapters and fittings shown on the Sirco customer counter are available by special order.
Our selection of products includes the brass and stainless steel fittings and adapters shown as well as the many sizes of clamps shown.